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However, he is also a powerful bodhisattva with Buddha-like qualities. University of California Press. Although it had been thought lost for centuries, a version in Sanskrit was recovered in among the manuscripts of the Potala Palace in Lhasa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Three times you turned the wheel of the Law in the thousand-millionfold world, the wheel that from the first has always been pure.

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Who but the utterly worthless, the blindly ignorant, the witless? The text closes with formulaic statements that the teaching it delivers should be preserved and transmitted.

Sometimes he shows himself as a woman of pleasure, enticing those prone to lechery. He is clothed in the garments of shame and remorse, a deeply searching mind his garland. The Buddha preaches the Law with a single voice, but each living being understands it according to his kind. Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism.

The Vimalakirti Sutra can be summarised as follows. Mahayana sutras Mahayana texts. He conquers and subdues the four kinds of devils, his victory banners fly over the place of practice. Controlling, directing with the single mind, he travels the eightfold path. The sweet dew of the Law is his food, bro code deutsch pdf sauced with the flavor of emancipation.

Though he knows there is no arising or extinction, he undergoes birth so he may instruct others. You know the marks of all beings in their comings and goings, you have gained apt liberation from all phenomena. Who can hear of this Law and not set his mind on the attainment of bodhi? He hears much, augmenting his wisdom, sounding the call of self-awakening. If during the kalpa there is famine, he manifests his body as food and drink, first relieving hunger and thirst, then telling people of the Law.

He practices as the teachings direct, his great profits he shares with others. Tradition holds that the text was translated into pre-modern Chinese seven times.

Vimalakirti Sutra

The Rosen Publishing Group. Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies. He bathes in purification of the mind, anointing himself with the perfume of the precepts. At times he shows himself old, sick, dying, in order to wake living beings, so they will realize they are like conjured phantoms and gain understanding free of all obstacles. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Zen Buddhism.

In whatever country hells exist, at once he sets out, journeys there, striving to relieve their sufferings. Buddhist-Christian Studies. He is a husband and a father.

In mind and action impartial, like the empty sky- who can hark to this jewel of humankind, not give respectful assent? Resources for Kanjur and Tanjur Studies. According to this discourse, the true cure for all ills is also spiritual, and involves in the achievement of states of non-self and non-dualism. All undertake the Buddha's practices and gain profit thereby- such are his transcendental powers, his unshared properties.

The Vimalakirti Sutra Burton Watson

Five hundred Licchavi youths offer parasols to the Buddha, who miraculously transforms them into a single gigantic parasol that covers the entire cosmos. Each sees the World-Honored One standing right before him- such are the Buddha's transcendental powers, his unshared properties.

He is a wealthy merchant householder. Already free of thought, perception, and volition, you refuted all the non-Buddhist doctrines. Though all the Buddhas for numberless billions of kalpas should praise the merits he achieves, they could never finish doing so. We have seen the great sage work miraculous transformations, showing us all the countless lands in ten directions, the Buddhas expounding the Law therein- every one of these we have seen and heard.

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Secular writings, secret spells and incantations, crafts, skills, the many arts - all these he shows himself adept in, so he may aid and benefit living beings. If there are those looking for servants, he shows himself as a groom or menial, and after delighting his employers, he rouses in them a mind for the way.

The paramitas are his Dharma companions, the four methods of winning others, his singing girls. Their wonderful blossoms are the seven factors of enlightenment, their fruit, emancipation and wisdom. When great armies confront each other in the field, he causes them to be of equal might, manifesting his bodhisattva power and authority, subduing them and restoring peace.

Vimalakirti Sutra

Among those arrogant and full of ego he becomes a man of great strength, overpowering and curbing their haughtiness, causing them to dwell in the unsurpassed way. Where there are those in poverty and want he shows himself with limitless stores, using them to encourage and lead others, causing them to set their minds on attaining bodhi.