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The pedal crank Place the wheel recesses such that here must be placed in the pedal the bicycle is more or less horizontal. Slide cover next to the steering wheel. Headlights when driving abroad Daytime running lights The asymmetrical headlight beam Daytime running lights increase extends visibility at the edge of the visibility of the vehicle during daylight. After approving the Driver Information Centre. The system will not engage correctly, do not fit Caution disengages and travels quickly out of objects to the system and slide the the bumper.

Withdraw the bulb holder from the reflector. Seat Belt In brief Seat belt Mirror adjustment Exterior mirrors Interior mirror Select the relevant exterior mirror and Pull out the seat belt and engage in adjust it. Seat positioning Pull lever, adjust inclination and Lever pumping motion release lever. Turn the multifunction knob to adjust the first setting.

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The bag with the coupling ball bar is opening for the coupling ball bar and Press fastenings inward and fold the stowed in the rear stowage stow it. Anti-theft locking system This can cause unconsciousness and even death. With a company that has been here since though, their products are strong. Otherwise safe functionality is not guaranteed.

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Correct presetting will facilitate refitting of the bicycle. Climate Control In brief Climate control Rear window wiper Rear window washer Heated rear window, heated exterior mirrors Press the rocker switch to activate the Push lever. Detach the tyre repair kit.

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Automobile Vauxhall Astra Owner's Manual pages. In the Vauxhall Astra was released and was rather popular.

Carefully open Too low a coolant level can cause the cap, relieving the pressure engine damage. Before closing the bonnet, press the support into the holder. The coloured background moves to the next setting.

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Vauxhall Astra (1998 - 2004) Petrol

Seek the assistance Consult your bicycle dealer before of a workshop. Page Vehicle care Close the cover and engage. Keep your Car in perfect running order and maintain it's value.

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Manual Transmission Driving and operating Manual transmission Brakes Caution The brake system comprises two It is not advisable to drive with the independent brake circuits. Activates or deactivates the See Infotainment system manual for automatic brake functionality of the further information. From a smoke and pet free home. Page Instruments and controls Adjustable sensitivity of the rain Windscreen and headlight sensor washer Keep the sensor free from dust, dirt and ice.

If possible, do not allow Fault in system or tyre without engine speed to drop below pressure sensor mounted e. The rotary handle snaps back into its original position resting against the coupling ball bar without a gap.

Activates or deactivates the delayed door locking function. The following distance indication following message appears in the The driver accepts full displays the distance to a preceding Driver Information Centre. Control indicator m in mph, instrument cluster illuminates green. Page Driving and operating The camera is mounted in the tailgate Warning symbols e.

The Vauxhall car company has been around for ages, though previously selling other products. Car production increased since and the Vauxhall still remains widely popular. Written from hands-on experience gained from the complete strip-down and rebuild of a Vauxhall Astra, Haynes can help you understand, open pdf file care for and repair your Vauxhall Astra.

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Connect the wiring plug and press side. Electronic Stability Control Off Instruments and controls Upshift Illuminates with power steering Interference due to external sources of ultrasound.

If the V button is pressed while the engine is in an Autostop, the engine will restart automatically. Caution Turn the thumb wheel clockwise. Activated cooling The exchange of fresh air is might inhibit Autostops.

Power Outlet Instruments and controls Power outlets Adjust all settings. On Hatchback and Sports Tourer fastening eyes are on the backside of rear seats. Height adjustment Adjust the height so that the belt lies across the shoulder. Turn the adjuster wheel to select a submenu. The vehicle's behaviour can be consumption.

When the sunroof is open, the sunblind is always open. Rotate bulb socket anticlockwise to disengage and withdraw from the reflector. Push the pedal crank mounts into the Undo strap retainers on both bicycle pedal crank recess, as shown in the Press release lever and slide in wheel tyres. Insert and turn bulb holder from tailgate.

Vauxhall Cascada Owner's Manual pages. Three-point Seat Belt Seats, restraints Seat belt reminder Triggered belt pretensioners must be Withdraw the belt from the retractor, replaced by a workshop. Have damaged components replaced. Press the multifunction knob to confirm the input.

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Have deployed airbags replaced by pregnant a workshop. Armrest Periodically check all parts of the belt system for damage, pollution and proper functionality. For further information contact your workshop. Replace the battery as soon as the range reduces. Attach the wiper blade slightly angled Only hold a new bulb at the base.

Our Vauxhall repair manual will get you started with easy to ready instructions. Page Vehicle care If the tyre pressure must be reduced Vehicle loading status Auto learn function or increased, switch off ignition. Thank you for looking at my auction and please look at my other listings.