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The credit of this Urdu book goes to Maulana Sana Ullah Mehmood who struggled hard to translate such a lengthy book into the Urdu language. The story of this Urdu novelette begins when a female host interview a handsome guy. She has written different short and long Urdu fiction stories. Scripture and Sunni com All books are available on the website.

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Script guides readers through lessons and exercises based on real-life situations and appeals to the student and tourist alike. Hilal-e-Jurrat is the story of Pakistan army tiger who is performing his duty in a very brave way. He has been residing in Germany for eleven years. Learn how to talk about food.

Learn greetings, replies, asking name and answering name. Mahabbat e Hasnain Krimain A. Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani R.

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Urdu Books PDF Download Islamic Books Urdu Novels Online

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This Urdu book is compiled by Mr. We need your help, shaq uncut pdf it will be a great sadqa e jariah. People will always smile wider when they hear their own Language spoken! Namal is a blockbuster Urdu masterpiece of Ms. All the above stories are in the sequel.

Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani R. This book now offers a detailed and systematic database of syntactic, morphological and semantic differences between the selected Hindi and Urdu stories. Assalam-o-alaikum, The post for english to urdu online dictionary is very helpful. Word reference gathered by Waseem Siddiqui transliterated by Shahab Alam. Book on Oneness of Allah vol.

Rowling has achieved many awards from different publishers. KitaboSunnatDotCom Member.

As per Najam Noor Khan, the novel is translated into easy and comprehensive Urdu words. Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire novel is translated into many languages.

Covers everything from greetings, talking about yourself, your work and family to ordering a meal and buying train tickets. On account of each one of the individuals who continue sending in their remarks, concerns, revisions. The novel has special interest for the cricket lovers. This material may be utilized for non-business instructive purposes just, with legitimate attribution. The credit of this novel obviously goes to Mr.

Dil Aaino Ka Sheher is a romantic Urdu novel. The full translations of the stories have been extensively annotated to point out the details in which the Hindi and Urdu versions differ. Hamayun Abbas Shams who has researched a lot before compiling this Urdu book. Rizwan Ali Ghuman has written a few more novels.

The original novel is authored by the famous J. The Leading Imam in Hadith vol.

They praise her for such a wonderful and fantastic fiction. Rizwan Ali Ghuman has earlier written a few more Urdu novels. Anwar ul biyan fi Hall e lughat ul quran-jild. The writer has written this Urdu novel in a very beautiful and realistic way. This Urdu story is entertaining as well as moral.

Urdu Books PDF Download Islamic Books Urdu Novels Online

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Download Books PDF format (269)

The Harry Potter novel series actually takes you to a world of imaginary and that is why the Harry Potter novels are translated into many languages and people love to read it. Minhaj-ul-Quran International in Cyber Space.

She has is best known for the Harry Potter English fiction series. Najam Noor Khan who is struggling hard to translate such lengthy English fictions into the easy Urdu words. Dil Ayino Ka Sheher Urdu novel is now available here in Pdf format for free download and read online.

Click to download books in Images format. Books by Language uslprototype. The Urdu novel Chancellor is here in Pdf format. The novel is in Pdf format and available here for free download and online reading. Najam Noor Khan has translated this novel e.