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Is there a way to defy his fate? For a novel so preoccupied with death it is not surprising that there is a sense of wanting to escape running through it. He studied German at the University of Cologne.

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The ennui of an endless journey into danger in aid of a lost cause, punctuated by bouts of drinking, sleeping, whoring and interminable card games. Which is most days really. And now twelve hours, or eleven hours, before I die, I have to realize that life is good. And I would have sold all those thousands of prayers for one single kiss from her lips It was her only her soul that I loves. Twelve hours before I die I realize that life is good.

This article about a s novel is a stub. Soon is uncertain, it is imprecise, it is a black hole, a nothing.

Univ of South Carolina Press. European Memories of the Second World War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That hope had always been there, for after all it was a human being, a living human being, to which those eyes belonged, a girl or a woman. Leila Vennewitz Translator.

Odd in a sense in that we know the ending very early on. No one would ever be able to understand that. The three men come together when Andreas is asked if he wants to play a game of cards.

He makes the uncertain certain. She won numerous awards for her translations. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

That hope is quite dead, completely cut off. In a German soldier returning to his unit on the collapsing Eastern front, has good reason to anticipate death. In addition to Andreas, there are two other major characters, Willi and a blonde officer. He is on a train that is taking him and his fellow soldiers to what is a sure death. As the train hurtles on, he riffs through prayers and memories, talks with other soldiers about what they've been through, and gazes desperately out the window at his country racing away.

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Indeed, there is a passage about how the searchlights in the night air resemble fingers seeking out someone that will stay with me for a long time. There is also a religious dimension to the novel, given Andreas's friendship with a priest called Paul. Everywhere The soundlessness of that crying was terrible The ones you love are the ones you're bound to hurt the most That's the law of love I believed I loved only her soul. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. It is a good but gloomy read.

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Rather, he thinks about his war experiences and the present as it streaks by outside his railway carriage. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Email required Address never made public. Eyes that I have never, never forgotten, not for a single day in three and a half years.

Deathly Ironies Impending death certainly concentrates the mind. The book was translated into English by Leila Vennewitz.

The Train was on Time European classics. His thoughts are not about the past or of loved ones or a life he has left. It's short, so a quick read, but the situation and emotions are intense.

The Train Was on Time

And I will scream, actually scream into the palms of my hands, and writhe and kick and squirm. The war is lost but Germany fights on. Finally he figures out that he will be killed early Sunday morning in Poland between Lvov and Cherovtsky. The soldier knows his destination is in Poland, a place called Przemysl, and then onward past Lviv in a heavily Polish part of the Ukraine. To spend weeks, months, years in such a situation must be horribly taxing.

In this sense, connections can be made between the work and the structure of ancient Greek tragedies such as the story of Oedipus. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Andreas hasn't been kissed, he hasn't had sex, he has never been in love except perhaps for a strangers dark eyes something that could be an obsession or love, he and we will never know.

But what is a soul without a body? Sunday morning between Lvov and Kolomyya. Open Preview See a Problem? Indeed, Andreas had already come close to the ultimate departure once before, in Amiens, France.

The Train Was on Time

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The soldier does not make the train to Stryy. During the train ride we experience his mental and emotional disintegration, you could say it's an accelerated preparation for death. As the train rattles through Germany and Poland he is able to pinpoint when he will die and is shocked to find he can still make friends, play cards, sleep, eat, and drink. Consulting a map given him by a fellow-soldier, he intuitively estimates that his death will occur in about four days time just past Lviv, that is, in the region of the Janowska camp. This is not the painful realisation that he is unlikely to survive, would like exercises pdf but a knowledge of the exact time and place of his demise.

No matter where I take you, it will be life. He goes through a rapid input of life experienced and an equally rapid output of what was and was not learnt appreciated.

On this basis, he probably qualifies as underrated. He is meant to board the train, which will undoubtedly be running on time with German efficiency, early in the morning. The soldier is a Catholic.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He, like those Jews, is being sent to his death.