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Mecca is the heart of Islam. The reckless, faithless, brutal rapists and killers are just the same on both sides of the conflict. Against that enemy, any hostile action-be it political, military, or based on oil-is considered no more than legitimate vengeance. Under Saladin, an unstoppable Muslim army inspired by prophets and poets finally succeeded in destroying the most popular Crusader kingdoms. He retells their stories in their own vivacious style, giving us a vivid portrait of a society rent by internal conflicts and shaken by a traumatic encounter with an alien culture.

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Let's cut a cross into your scalp and pour salt on it. There's a trade-off Maalouf made, for the sake of an easily digestible story. Especially the epilogue, linking this story to modern developments of the s, s makes it worth reading. An everlasting conflict between Christians in the West and Muslims in the East seems so obvious that we take it for self-evident when we perceive our political world. Saladin took the Holy City from a position of strength, but with a conciliatory tone that allowed ransom to be paid by its inhabitants so as to avoid bloodshed.

The notion of identity - personal, religious, ethnic or national - is one that has given rise to heated passions and crimes throughout the history of mankind. The memory of this great and most enduring victory ever won by a non-European society against the West still lives in the minds of millions of Arabs today. For Arabs, the twelfth and thirteen centuries were years of strenuous efforts to repel a brutal and destructive invasion by barbarian hordes.

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That was quite charming, actually, once I got used to it. The Crusades ended seven centuries ago, but the battles are still present in the minds and actions of millions of Muslims. The Book of Contemplation. However, the rise of an intolerant and exclusionary Christianity and the explosion of European military technology brought these advances to an end.

Oil is the lifeblood of modern economics. What happens in Mecca and how Muslims think about the political and cultural history of Mecca has had and continues to have a profound influence on world events to this day. Amin Maalouf renders an account of Frankish barbarianism in medicinal practice on p. He examines the fate of Iraq's oil and the involvement of U.

The boot was on the other foot. It is essential to know the history of societies in order to understand the current ways of thinking, feeling, and acting of their inhabitants.

The poor were freed from such payment and goods were even distributed to Franj widows and orphans before they left Jerusalem. Saladin is still a hero, but not a lonely one.

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Written by an influential oil consultant with experience of working in both the U. En route to the Holy Land and taking advantage of divisions among the Muslims, the Franj besieged Antioch.

It is perfectly understandable that Muslims of the time regarded Crusades in absolutely negative terms. For example, how come that Crusades came as such a surprise to the Arabs? Overall, this book gives a sweeping and stimulating view of the Crusades seen through Arab eyes. While the chroniclers were Arabs, huawei rru 3929 pdf the political and military leadership throughout the Crusader era were Turks or Kurds.

The fight had been going on since the first expansion of Islam into the former Christian world. More than armed holy men, the Templars also represented the first uniformed standing army in the Western world. The Franj finally agreed to spare the lives of the residents if they abandoned their defense. His pardoned enemies quickly regrouped, after his death his empire immediately fell apart, and the Franj regained some of their strength. But what if we take a closer look on what appears to be behind the ambiguous history of Crusades and Holy Wars.

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The Crusades Through Arab Eyes. Should be put in the hands of anyone who asks what lies behind the Middle East's present conflicts. Barlow presents a masterful account of how religion, death and sacrifice developed into the cult of martyrdom of today. Usman Ibn Munqidh's quote have a huge impact on me.

What made me cringe, over and over again? Language used by Maalouf consistently creeps uncomfortably close to modern political rhetoric and I have to admit, made it quite difficult for me to finish the book. Inhabitants bravely faced the invaders, even throwing beehives on them from the walls.

As I alluded to above, the story of the Crusades is living history in the Muslim world, a point brought very much into focus in the excellent epilogue to this book. It was not the fact that all names and events seemed strangely distorted, told without the overarching context I was used to. He follows in the footsteps of other charismatic leaders who understood how to harness the power of jihad to reverse the establishment of the Latin Kingdoms and aid their own ascent. Also fascinating were the many mentions of the assassins. He retraces two critical centuries of Middle Eastern history, and offers fascinating insights into some of the forces that shape Arab and Islamic consciousness today.

In this remarkable history, Piers Paul Read explores the Crusades and the individual biographies of the many colorful characters that fought them. However as the Turk sultan was to learn as well as others, these Franj had different plans. Authors have written and modified it repeatedly.

The modern Middle East is just one chapter of a long history. See for example Zangi's siege of Damascus. His army dispersed, and thus did God spare the Muslims the maleficence of the Germans, who constitute a particularly numerous and tenacious species of Franj. The book offers a unique perspective on how the United States is viewed in the Arab region and how progress should be made if real peace and stability are to be brokered.

Saladin respected Christian temples and offered their followers the possibility of making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land whenever they wished. And what relevance has the story to our own times?

Like I initially said, I feel very split about this book, for obvious reasons. We just have to watch a newscast or read any newspaper to realize that the consequences of this ancestral hatred live on to this day.

This precious dark liquid, which would one day make the fortune of this part of the world, already offered travellers an unforgettable spectacle. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Those who'd like to take up a different perspective from time to time.

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