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Finalist and a big fan of Tally. Good intrect between students nd trainer. Training culture is very cozy. In fact, I am here to help you! You can also move in between profit and loss account and balance sheet from each of them itself.

It is packed with different examples. For example, if you are selling mobiles, iPhone X is a stock item. In all those cases, oxford physics dictionary pdf we can use the memorandum voucher. Some people welcome digital reading with interestly some see nothing more than fear and pleasant remembrances.

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The very first thing you need to learn about Tally is what is actually Tally. It is a best Institute for learning Tally.

Detailing is necessary and therefore these notes were long but I have tried to keep them as interesting and as knowledgeable as possible. But before that you need to know how to create simple purchase and sales voucher i. This sale will be outside the state. You can maintain your entire stock or inventory in Tally. This is called a Stock Group in Tally.

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You can also see gross profit on the stock items you sold in the stock summary. Attitude Academy supports each and every student, understood our problem properly. In the following video, you will learn about stock summary in detail along with ratio analysis. You will have a client and he will ask you for different things and you have to do it all of them in Tally. This is how in reality you will have to work with Tally.

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First one is on how you can create stock items, stock groups and units of measure in Tally and second one is on how to use stock items, stock groups and units of measure in Tally. When you want certain information, you can get it immediately, by downloading an ebook. So, go through this post and a video about creating simple Purchase and Sales Voucher in Tally. Attitude Academy is Those who are using the tally, have any problem related to tally Definitely I will advice you contact Attitude Academy for tally support.

This kind of entry is called manufacturing entry in Tally. You can also create stock market entries in Tally with the help of stock items in Tally so please understand the notes about stock management in detail. Accounting voucher simply as an accounting entry in Tally. Thank you so much Ved Parkash!

There are many more features of Tally which you should know in detail if you want to fully understand Tally. These are total shortcut keys in Tally.

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Or is website pe ghoomo, bahot kuch janne ko milega! You don't need a library or a room for them. Attitude academy is the one of the best academy in yamuna vihar Im glad that I joined this academy. Our problem resolved perfectly.


Teachers are very supported. What is loved at your academy was your skilled and excellent trainers having brilliant knowledge descipline and punctuality. By looking at the ratios, you can quickly know where your business currently stands and how better or bad it is performing and you can take the future actions accordingly. You can and that too with very much ease.

Create a company in Tally by your name. Letting ebooks enter the lives of millions of human beings is a long and challenging process.

You can also group all the iPhones together in a group called Apple because Apple sells iPhones. Hello Rishit, I have learned very much from your site.

Yes, it is the right answer. Thank you so much B Somaraju! How can I help you in Tally?

So, congratulations for that. Thank you Aman for your good words! After going through the above post, you will have a very good idea of what Tally is capable of. Excellent way of training by trainers, simply superb! For example, you can convert the balance sheet in Tally to a vertical format as per the Companies Act with a click of a button.

It is because I have classified each and every ledger in Tally with suitable and tonnes of examples for your understanding. Top class education with the guidance of experienced instructors. With today's technology you can read ebooks wherever you want to read them, on the bus, train, airplane, and while standing in line.

Download E-Books
Download Free Tally ERP9 GST PDFs e-Books

There are many ratios that Tally calculates automatically including gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, current ratio and so on. You don't have to go to a bookshop to buy them and you don't need to wait for them for days, weeks and sometimes more to arrive in the mail. Cars are assembled on the assembly because their parts are often manufactured by different companies.

But, you should know the process which you now know. Bhai tally ke bare me to btaoo or mujhe notes mail ker do. The customers are either sent to the download page on the web, or are emailed the new version. Purchase this from inside your state. Go through it and I am sure you will learn a lot about Tally which most of the people do not know.