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Starbucks Partner Manual

You are also in charge of keeping the pastry case and the to-go case stocked, clean, and presentable at all times. You are the frontline of our mission. You will empty the trash, clean the tables, and provide a clean environment.

Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You are in charge of making the drinks in a prompt gentle manner while maintaining its superiority. Memoir worksheet pdf Memoir worksheet pdf, how to delete an attachment on edmodo. You are the Barista in charge of handling our new convenient, technology based customer drive through experience.

If you pass a rigorous test that can be given by your store manager going over all things coffee, you can be certified as a Coffee Master. The customer will be given your individual time, regardless of the chance of scenario.

Because of this, you are a charismatic, energetic, and helpful partner who has great social skills. There are times when your store will get intensely busy. Take customer order transfer order to bar Finish payment, and send customer to next window You will warmly take the customers order, and help them make their decision if needed.

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After the customer has ordered, you will then proceed to write their cup, and transfer the order to the bar. You will follow the Starbucks Playbook. Your supervisor will be floating occasionally to see that playbook is carried out successfully.

We are very proud to present you with a unique and diverse experience that will facilitate your genuine interest and growth as a Barista. Now that you know our dress code, and expectations lets start with your in store training!

Starbucks employee handbook pdf. In order to be non-offensive, we will change our dress codes to respect this, but this manual will focus on your standard American Starbucks. Our goal is to introduce you to what our expectations are of you as a Barista, and a partner.

Dress Code As a partner and Barista of Starbucks, you are the first impression customers will have of our company, and store. Manual Purpose The purpose of this manual is for you to understand the general expectations of Starbucks and outline the structure of your work environment. This station is the heart of Starbucks. Starbucks Barista Employee Playbook Guide Drive Through You are the Barista in charge of handling our new convenient, mother to son poem pdf technology based customer drive through experience.

Identify which pastry was ordered Use provided pastry sheet to pick up pastry Place pastry inside brown pastry bag Hand to customer and thank them for their patronage. You will have three Coffee machines in your charge, each with its own roast. Vancouver business plan writer Vancouver business plan writer. Your station is very critical in that it plays a direct role in customer satisfaction. We hope to continue this legacy and provide you with a chance to help us expand and spread our values.

Employee Playbook Guide

Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic and Oligopoly. Processing pastry orders Heating them if desired Handing order to customers at the bar Some customers will want their sandwiches or pastries heated, so you have an accessible oven to help you. Some customers will want their sandwiches or pastries heated, so you have an accessible oven to help you. You and your partners, including your supervisor will each have a station to take charge of. Unisa application probability theory and related fields editorial board benefits of the louisiana purchase ahl referees.

Personal Care and Hygiene Our stores are located all over the globe, cross sectioning a plethora of cultures. Recognize that profitability is essential to our future success. The pastry station is where we keep our accessible to go products such as our bottled beverages, sandwiches, pre-manufactured products.

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When you get promoted to a shift supervisor, you will be provided with a white collar customized Starbucks shirt. You might see that your shift supervisor, or store manager are wearing different uniforms, but with time and prestige comes benefits. If the customer has ordered any pastries, you will send the order to your partner in charge of pastries, but personally hand the order to the customer. Research paper on business management pdf college papers are pointless. There will be two of you on the bar to separately handle iced drinks, and hot drinks.

If a customer asks to have a drink remade or pastry reevaluated for taste, you will handle these minor problems. It is important that you properly wash the milk containers.

You are expected to freshly brew the daily dark roast, medium roast, and blond roast. Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time. Tattoos or any other intentional bodily markings Piercings other than one hole ear piercing Hair color other than normal human range Unnatural nail color, or facial customizations. Starbucks is very proud of the diverse array of drink products we have to offer, whether espresso, or iced.

After you have taken the customers payment, you will send them to the next window to wait for their beverage. Embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we do business. The Two-Tailed Siren Located where your heart is on your green apron is a logo that symbolizes the seafaring history of Coffee and the strong seaport roots of Seattle.

We offered some of the worlds finest fresh coffee and a place of warmth with a sense of community. You are also required to groom daily and maintain good hygiene, with just a touch of professionalism.

Since you are in charge of the Coffee routine, you are also in charge of cleaning the Condiment bar located next to the store. You are also in charge of stocking the sugars, napkins, and condiments.

Contribute positively to our communities and our environment. Forensic anthropology dissertation business ethics pdf spanish vocabulary worksheets pdf creative writing programme moe malaria is caused by which mosquito. To handle moments like this, your strongly organized store, and complacency to work as a team with your partners and customers will benefit you greatly.

Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, roasting and fresh delivery of our coffee. Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance, and you can help us achieve this.

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