Srs On Airline Reservation System Pdf


An on-screen confirmation appears. The standards may include the report format and accounting properties.

It generates a password for the passenger. This feature is of highest priority. Payment for the flight is refunded by the pay processor. Recovery requirements are often an integral part here, detailing what the system should do I some failure occurs to ensure certain properties. It is a self-contained product.

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Airline Reservation System SRS

SRS For Air Line Reservation System Free Download

User will enter source and destination for searching flight. Thus the overall stability of the system depends on the stability of container and its underlying operating system. This causes a communication gap between the parties involved in the development of the project. Soft Color Scheme The application will use a color scheme that does not include high contrast colors in order to reduce eye strain. The user has searched for and found an available flight.

SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

And also to check the flight timings. Updates Each update to the application will include versioning for troubleshooting and traceability purposes. Details related to the flight are displayed. System shows him log in page. Each time the menu option to search for flights is selected by a user.

System will check the availability of flight. System will Display concern flight. Await flight listing A loading symbol appears. The software should have option for checking availability of the tickets.

If seats are available entries like train name, number, destination are made. User can reserve his seat by just clicking on reserve link and a message will displayed you want to reserve seat if yes so seat will reserve and vice versa. User session will destroy and it will bring user to main page.

Use Case Cross referenced. The main pillar of reliability of the system is the backup of the database which is continuously maintained and updated to reflect the most recent changes. Their descriptions are as follows. Alternatively, interaction among actors can be part of the assumptions used in the use case. Checks can be performed at regular internals to ensure data integrity.

The introductory screen will be the first to be displayed which will allow the users to choose either of the two options, viewing flight detail or booking a ticket. Based completely on Windows functionality platform. Glossary Terms and acronyms which may not be familiar to all readers are provided in this section.

It must support many users simultaneously. The application displays a menu page to allow user to interact with other areas of the application. The application must be exited always normally. If the ticket is not available, a short message will appear as ticket unavailable will be displayed to the passenger.

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Software Requirements, Second edition By Kerl. If no flights are available, the user will be provided with a listing of similar flights that depart or arrive at airports near to the desired destination. An entity must be used to specify the various departments and the seats available in them. This protects the application, data, and the personal information of users from interception.

Entity Relationship in Airline Reservation System. Apple Airways are one of the private airlines in India, which caters large number of people. As a small airline, there are concerns that the application may not compete well with those of larger scoped travel applications, gold nanoparticles synthesis and applications pdf like Travelocity and Expedia.

In cases where a user has multiple confirmed reservations, an index page will first appear to allow the user to select which flight in which to view the details. Normal termination of the program. The context diagram shows the entire system as a single process, and gives no clues as to its internal organization. Permission is granted to use, modify, and distribute this document.

When multiple flights are scheduled, display an index page to allow users to select the flight for which they would like to view details. It should be easily transferable to other platforms if needed. This includes default settings and special accommodations provided by Samsung for those with visual challenges.

SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

The user has a reservation. For entries with successful payment, a reservation will be created and confirmation will be provided to the user. Hardware limitations can include the types of machines to be used, operating system available on the system, languages supported and limits on primary and secondary storage. Also the system will be functioning inside a container.

System updates the database and shows a massage. Popular in Computer Crime. The user enters a valid username and password.

In combination with the fares and booking conditions stored in the Fare Quote System the price for each sold seat is determined. Admin can also modify an user information as for need.