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Common sense and experience has to come into play when you are building any type of fork system. Then there is the matter of fork offset. The overall assembly of the individual parts of a typical Girder suspension system can be quite varied. Ideally if the bushings are properly loaded the rocker should have a tendency to very slowly drop from a horizontal to vertical position if left unrestrained.


  1. Well let me say that there are perhaps thousands of old girders out there riding around using.
  2. The perch, shown with the spring pedestal, is in the process of being shaped in the snapshot below.
  3. If we can't repair it, we'll replace it or reimburse the purchase price with an Amazon e-gift card.
  4. Defined as a motorcycle or bicycle front end having coaxial steering and suspension components, and having telescopic forks.
  5. From my standpoint I look at a typical Springer as being made up from four basic elements.

Even today with some new mass-produced Girders on the market the same situation still exists. The final setup, tacking and assembly only took about two hours. If the opposite situation occurs and the rebound springs are stiffened up to much the bike will be jittery with a lot of hopping and bouncing.

In this setup the shaft rotates in the bushings and the links are rigidly attached to the shafts. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. The sleeve bolt is usually custom-made but they were available from Paughco at one time and perhaps still are. Here's a rocker mounted in a mockup.

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There's a problem loading this menu right now. Back in action for about bucks installed. Canned solutions for chopper forks just don't work very well since each bike is unique. The welds around the bullet are purely cosmetic so don't be afraid to grind them down into a nice transition.

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For a girder application this means using a shaft or shoulder bolt with a. During fabrication I use the same procedure, which is opposite to what many builders do. Girdraulic forks featured forged alloy blades for extra strength and hydraulic damping.

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Single-current-sensor-based active front-end-converter-fed four quadrants induction motor drive. It's looks complicated, and to a point it is as there are certain engineering and fabrications constraints that apply to any single arrangement. Simulation results of single-current-sensor-based active front-end-converter-fed four quadrants induction motor drive. Unfortunately Springers compared to other types of forks are somewhat material intensive so it is pretty hard to save a bunch of money on the raw materials.

Many pieces won't actually reach their final stage of shaping until after everything is assembled. For now this is just meant to illustrate the general methods that can be used. Some of these factors are tire and wheel size, neck height, wheelbase, total weight, frau in disco and weight distribution just to name a few. If it's your bike do you want somebody else's forks on it?

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Springers in general are not cheap and as such, in many cases, they are simply out of reach for many people. In both Word Wars the Indians with leaf spring forks easily out handled the Harley Springers in rough terrain. Short wheelbase heavy bikes need more beef in the forks as more weight is on the front end. There are the legs or fork tubes, both the front and the rear.

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The gearbox is equally primitive. As long as people are willing to buy shit somebody is going to be willing to package it and it becomes a vicious circle. Pay special attention to the welds where the lower tree attaches to the rear fork tubes and use minimal heat and minimal penetration at this juncture.

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The wood stud supported half of the bolt and the other half of it was unsupported, just hanging out in the air. You can see my layout marks in felt marker pen. All you need is the distance from the ground to the centerline of the axle hole. Experimental results showing transient and steady state responses of control variables with step change in load.

Youth Cruiser Tricycle by Mobo Cruiser. At this point you need to decide if it's worth the trouble to actually build a welding jig for the forks. You need to use what you personally prefer and modify the plans, any plans, frau sucht mann ohne registrierung according to the items you have in hand.

If the rocker stays in one position or drops in a series of stops and starts it means the connection is a tad to tight or the bores are out of alignment. Shoulder Bolt Considerations. This fixture is just used for tacking the parts together.

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Use of a curved spring also helps in the appearance department if you are running extended fork legs. The Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle. Some of us were still using these forks in the sixties on custom choppers. Whenever you need to stop you simply pedal backward, easing on the coaster brake. You don't even need an angle finder to determine the neck rake because your mockup will automatically take rake into consideration.

  • Usually they are welded on before you cut the notches.
  • What we're using is the simplest method since this is supposed to be a low-buck straightforward project.
  • Buying or building a Springer is just the first step in a long process of getting it fine-tuned to your particular bike if you want to optimize it's performance.
  • One of the weak points in girder forks is the inability to adequately resist torsion forces that are applied in a line perpendicular to the steering stem axis.

Make sure that the borehole for the stem in relation to the centerline of the rear leg is accurate with respect to the offset for your finished trees. After welding and final grinding and sanding to get a perfectly smooth and seamless surface on the tree you can drill the boltholes in the plugs to the final dimensions for your cap screws. On tubing I also swab out the interior bores, as they are usually full of filth. You do not do any welding on the inside bore, singlebörse steyr as it needs to have a clean and sharp recess.

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It may or may not include gaiters for protection against abrasive elements on the suspension cylinders. This part of the handbook is not about which forks to use for the salad but which forks to use on your motorcycle. Spring Rates and Spring Ratios.

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