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We will just deal with pentatonic and blues scales as melodic structures, in a way that can be useful in any style of music. Cookies improve the user experience and help make this website better. Check out this interesting and easy-to-learn scale and see what you think.

The way to resolve it is to move to a stable note next to it. At the time I thought it was just a curiosity but I liked the sound and since then I've seen it pop up in a few other places. An important concept that you need to understand in order to differentiate between these two types of scales, is the concept of chromatic approach notes. These Bergonzi patterns are actually fun to practice and they give you ideas to open up your sound and play in a less predictable way.

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He sounds bergonzi pentatonics, but It brought forward a lot of great ideas for me. These are simply notes that do not belong to the tonality of a passage of music, but are useful as ornamental notes, as long as they are resolved to a more stable note. Also, as I recall, the chord chart for bergonzi pentatonics demo is not given, so that would be helpful as well.

When the scale is started on the downbeat, the minor third intervals create a natural off-beat accent that is inherent to a contemporary swing style. Choose an option Bundle Rental Purchase Bergonzi pentatonics. They start on different part of the beat which makes the pattern sound different.



Any serious fan of jazz has at one time or another heard a solo where the line being played made them turn towards the soloist with a look of concern. To my knowledge Jerry Bergonzi has been the first to logically organize and teach in a simple and consistent way the pentatonic style first explored by John. One person bergonzi pentatonics this helpful. So a first use of it is just as a sub for that scale.


Personally I always found the Altered Scale too cluttered with different kinds of dissonance for my taste, and this one suits my style much better. View bergonzi pentatonics edit your browsing history.

Bergonzi pentatonicsHornsKeyboardsVideos. If you like practicing scales over Backing Tracks, database systems the complete book pdf free there is a section in the Backing Track Library with tracks that work well with both Pentatonics and Blues Scales. Shopbop Bergonzi pentatonics Fashion Brands. Originally Posted by jlima. Bergonzi pentwtonics each one has enough to keep you busy for years.

Bergonzi pentatonics The various scales are really just another way of conceptualizing functional harmony, and the patterns help you create shapes and intervals that you might not normally do. The exercise books are especially useful for technique development.

As a result, I feel I have a firm grasp of scale structure, intervals, and chord forms. But if you want bergonzi pentatonics and exercises that will help you develop your own melodies and motifs then you will not be bergonzi pentatonics Penttaonics going to give the book another look.

How fortunate of you to have studied with Jerry! The difference between a pentatonic and a blues scale is one chromatic note. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Excellent introduction to music theory By Lewis Brownstein. Pentatonics are closely related to the traditional major and minor scales.

Your book has given me new and different ideas to apply to all. The use of pentatonics in improvisation is a long-standing tradition that runs the gamut of musical styles and genres.


Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. One of all these chromatic notes has become so popular in modern music, that its considered a standard addition to pentatonic scales. This book is very clear and specific. This does not mean that it is a wrong note.

Bergonzi pentatonics I took lessons with Jerry for two years, years ago but I went through that whole book, every page. Second Wave American Free Jazz. Once we recognize it we are enthralled and unable to look away. The other books I have skimmed because I only have one lifetime.

Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation. The book provides a practical yet creative approach to assimilating. Practical Jazz Theory Exercise Tracks.