Pdf24 Creator 5.6.0

Deleting temporary files in Creator sometimes failed. The print tool in the assistant and the creator now uses the name of the printed file as print job name in Windows. Fixed a potential app crash issue caused by an unsynchronized access of the file icons and file thumbnails within the explorer list of the creator. Users do no longer need to do that manually. We have optimized that so that we now better know whether a conversion is possible or not.

The orientation of pages should be kept as is. Some of the user interfaces are now even more fluid. Microsoft Office Web Components. Some bugs have been fixed in the current Ghostscript version and it is recommended to use the latest Ghostscript version.

Microsoft Office Help Tab. You can now convert the colors of a file by choosing one of the color convert options of the corresponding select field. We have fixed some bugs regarding tooltips in the user interfaces. There was a darker line under the picture, which was a bit confusing.

Software Installation GuidePDF24 Creator version by PDForg - How to uninstall it

We have improved adding lots of files to the list and we are now better to process all of them. All the changes makes the tool ready for batch processing of multiple files. We have investigated the reason and we found the problem. If an operation is consisted of a lot of actions, then you could click a lot of times until you would get the whole process terminated. Request for New Software Support.

Dragging and dropping pages uses the profile selection dialog with custom option to save the selected pages. There are some easy to read language files in language folder of the software which you can open with a text editor. Uninstall Microsoft Apps for all Users. When you enter, you will notice the new light white transparent overlay on your screen.

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This fixes several issues. These are more flexible and we can use much more elements in the sidebar than before. We've extended DocTool's sendByMail handler so that profiles can now be applied before files are attached to an email.

This prevents the reloading of language files from the internet. Here we optimized and solved problems. The size was sometimes some pixes to high which resulted in odd rendering effects. This option was enabled by default in earlier versions, but in some situations it's better to disable that.

That's bad for users because they have to do that manually. There is now fewer flickering, more responsive elements and a better focus behavior.

This version should fix these problems. The Ghostscript command line argument for the AutoRotatePages options was wrong. Confirm the removal by clicking Uninstall. We did not notice this kind of problem at first. The tool is very easy to use.

This can be hard because performing this by hand requires some experience regarding removing Windows applications by hand. The messages are now better displayed in the Windows Event Viewer. This join feature lets you select the output file. An extra page was added to the document when the watermark feature was used. There was a wrong key element in all language files so that there was a not replaced placeholder in the save as dialog.

The user then can see, that the operation takes longer than expected. The new version fixes this. The document information section can be enabled and disabled. We have also added a fax config profile which is now used for the fax printer which should improve fax results.

Version 8.8.2

Many software vendors have already done so, and so have we. The English language file is used for all missing elements. This version brings this feature and the default profiles can be selected next to the user profiles. We have fixed that problem. There was also some work on the installer.

Here we did not adjust the text layer correctly to the rotation of the source page. This option is now enabled by default. You can now print a document directly from the Assistant on a printer available in your system.