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This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Liquid acetone, alcohol, or other chemicals may release vapors that are extremely flammable. View photos individually or as a photo slideshow. It is used to measure temperature on the nozzle and the heated bed.

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Type in M and press enter to view your current Z-offset. We find that for applications needing high-strength printed parts, Nylon is a great material.

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This will allow for more efficient use of the workspace and free up a computer for other tasks. The hot end can be kept clean of extruded plastic by removing melted plastic strands with tweezers. Use the red, green, and blue arrows to mirror the model along that axis. Switching to Custom mode will display many of the hundreds of individual settings, special modes, and experimental features. Strong, dependable parts can be achieved by balancing excellent layer adhesion with wide extrusion widths and walls.

Your power cord may look different from the one pictured here. Now you are ready to print. Different manufacturers have different formulations for their specific brand. Connect the camera or photo card reader to your computer. Each tool head has a unique extruder steps per unit.

This option will use a color gradient to display the movement speed throughout each layer. Calibration objects and sample prints. Tie back long hair or clothing that can get caught in the moving parts of the printer. Placing a light coating of glue stick on the print surface prior to printing with Bridge Nylon is recommended for improved bed adhesion. Pinch Hazard When the printer is operational take care to never put your fingers near any moving parts including belts, pulleys, or gears.

If cooling is turned on in Cura, this portion of the display will change to reflect the. Color can be changed by varying the extrusion temperature. We highly suggest you do not modify the configuration settings unless you are certain it is necessary. By minimizing your variables, you'll learn how each setting can influence your final print outcome. This material does not contain linen fibers, but rather, lignin, which is a class of organic polymers responsible for providing support structures of vascular plants and some types of algae.

Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Receive fast and friendly help when you need it to maximize up-time. In addition, there are oxidation techniques that can be used to give copperFill parts a unique patina, making this filament an excellent choice for artistic and aesthetic applications.

Post-processing will make objects printed with bronzeFill look and feel like metal! Click Next through the remaining windows. The linear bushings leave a solid lubricant that builds up over time.

The Category dropdown is used to organize the many supported and experimental filament types by user skill level. While it's tempting to try using filament containing carbon fiber, many users are reporting trouble extruding after using that material, bhraman sangi 2013 pdf even from different vendors.


Electric Shock Hazard Never open the electronics case when the printer is powered on. Never use a metal wire brush on your hot end as it can cause electrical shorts.

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Use the search bar above the list of settings to quickly find what you need. The Brim option can improve printed part adhesion to the print surface by increasing the surface area of the first layer. Once you begin a print, you will notice your movement option changes to tune.

Download the latest version today, for free, from LulzBot. One of this material's best qualities is its increased resistance to moisture absorption, making it an optimum choice for high-humidity environments. Layer height The thickness of each individual deposited layer of the three- dimensional model when cut with a slicing program.

While many of our advanced users are able to do so, your results may vary. If you manually move the tool head while changing filament, your printer may lose its position. Please completely read this manual. Manual numerical axis movements are still allowed when checked.


To listen to music and other audio, use the remote as described below. Follow the instructions available at LulzBot.

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