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Such a choice usually dooms a framing operation to failure. With the summit being held at a time when the Arab Spring was in full bloom, the lack of any reference to the latter in the Declaration is a ludicrous omission. The Declaration thus reaffirms intentions for economic, cultural and technological cooperation.

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Not cias Do Planalto (pdf)
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Strategic Outbreak on Socio-Historical Background. It was clear that my interview partners had a very positive image of the country, even though they could not provide specific reasons for it. This examination is not meant to be exhaustive regarding both the empirical materials as well the theoretical reach of the concept. In this way, he argued, they could bring about a cumulative effect to efforts already under way.

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There is no mention of the ideational values Lula utilized in his multiple addresses and that were highlighted throughout this article. The relationship with Brazil was one of my questions. References al Makhtoum, M. The search for peace, for example, is usually associated to the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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The setting is thus merely expanded from the small advisory circle analyzed by Garrison into a broader arena, from a political leader to another. Clearly, Lula da Silva considered that this was a strategy that would deliver positive results since the points that he chose to emphasise are important features of Arab politics. This particular episode and the type of framing it required diverged slightly from the other two, as the goals of Brazilian diplomacy were far more ambitious in this regard. Remember me on this computer. President Carter, his advisors, and the struggle for the arms control agenda, Political Psychology, Vol.

In addition, he also highlighted the enthusiasm and emotion that the summit generated among the Arab communities of South America connection with values of the target group. This visit was also seen as an opportunity to present Brazil as a safe investment option particularly for the Arab countries of the Gulf. This letter clearly articulates the Brazilian intentions of positioning itself as an actor in the peace negotiations.

These words form the preamble for the proposal of Brazilian involvement that follows. An important exception in this regard is A. An Assessment been acquired via Portugal. In the world of international politics, these are quite modest goals. From the framing attempts at generating identification, he moved to the economic advantages that the rapport between the two regions could generate.

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In this visit, the attempts to induce rapport by emphasising themes that can be neatly allocated to and explored within each of the three criteria above were quite obvious. Since this is a specific moment when Brazil tried to be part of security arrangements in the Gulf area, I feel this is better examined in a separate article. The final declarations of both summits did not diverge much thematically, which indicates continuity in terms of issues addressed.

At that time, the term strategic partnership was widely used within Brazilian diplomatic discourse in order to refer to these new relations. Relations between the countries of Latin America and the Middle East have been an under researched topic within their respective fields. This study will unfold by examining three key periods of the relationship between Brazil and the Arab countries, presented in a chronological order. This data alone already shows in a very clear way the lack of dealings between Brazil and the Middle East. Moreover, since Iran is not an Arab country, it is naturally excluded from the present analysis.

The goal was to establish an initial rapport, which was not overly ambitious and goals that would require a more comprehensive and sophisticated framing operation. Of note in both Declarations is the already mentioned predominance of issues of Arab politics.

It should also be reminded Brazil and Venezuela are the only South-American countries with the status of observers within the Arab League. Additionally, issues connected to the respect for international law and more specifically state sovereignty were pretty much on the agenda in those days.

In his speech, the fight for development and social justice occupied, once more, a prominent position connection with values of audience. Also worth mentioning is the presence of an extraordinary number of issues related to Arab politics, a tendency that as we will see, is replicated in further meetings. The success of this thematic extension will be addressed in the following section. The elements utilized for this framing were drawn essentially from the worldview of the strategic actor, a choice that usually condemns a framing operation to failure. These countries, he added, fiat 500l brochure pdf should possess both a conciliatory profile as well as an internationally recognised credibility.

Lula proposed the enlargement of the international dimension of the peace process i. They were under intense international scrutiny as regards their social practices, their domestic organization, and their politics.

Gulf Research Centre Cambridge. This new initiative was received with suspicion in Brazil.

In his view, the growing force of the Brazilian relationship with the Arab countries placed Brazil in a singular position, i. The creation of this organization formalized, for the first time, institutional relations between the two regions. Regrettably, no further information is given about the context or the precise date in which this speech was delivered. References were also made to the urgency in solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as well as the need for Israel to fulfil previous agreements.

University of Florida Press. Of the nineteen pages of the document, the first five focus exclusively on Arab politics.

By Elodie Brun and Conjuntura Austral. Again, these elements belonged to the ideational universe of Brazil, which accounts for the failure of this framing operation. The latter summit already occurred during the Presidency of Dilma Rousseff, and some important continuities as well as differences can be observed. Towards a Knowledge Based Society.