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17-15Bad-1 Chapter 3

If oil is present, adjust close slightly manifold valves as necessary to prevent oil discharge. Prior to connecting manifold, close valves.

This heat is extracted from the outdoor coil by the refrigerant as latent heat of vaporization. Connect yellow manifold hose to center port of charging manifold. Position the raised button on the sliding system switch above on or off to select the mode of operation of the indoor blower motor. The thermostat has an interlocking cover secured by tabs at the top. What is used to determine the specific gravity of electrolyte.

Liquid-free vapor from the accumulator is drawn into the suction side of the compressor. The display counts down to zero as charging proceeds. Seal all openings with polyethylene film and -inch pressure sensitive tape. What is a measure of the state-of-charge of the lead acid battery? Soap Solution Leak Detection.

If fully charged then check indicator in center of sight glass. What shall the electrolyte of a fully charged battery never be greater than? Discharge capacitor and test with multimeter. Tighten the thumb screw on the scale ring to secure the tank to the scale platform.

Normal Temperature Pressure Relationships. When all the recovered oil has completely drained, immediately close the valve. However, it may be necessary to use the soap solution method to pin point the source of a leak detected by the electronic leak detector. What is the specific gravity of sulfuric acid? There are two instances when a leak test of the refrigeration assembly is performed.

High Temperature Cutout Thermostat Switch. This valve may be red on some tanks and blue on others. Check entire system tagging, marking, or recording areas where leaks are detected.

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Use manifold hanger to hang manifold near compressor. The copy freeze date is the date after which further additions, deletions and changes are not included in the manual.

Set system switch to cool. Check wiring for continuity with multimeter.

What does discharging a battery before charging prevent? The indoor airflow section recirculates interior airflow and heats or cools the air as selected. The display counts down the time remaining. Ensure condensate drain for indoor coil is securely connected and properly routed. Multimeter reading should be open when control is not calling for cooling.

The down touch pad lowers the set point temperature in either the heat or cool mode. Indoor blower motor defective. Open the refrigerant cylinder valve slightly and allow a small amount of refrigerant gas to enter the system.

Use multimeter to check indoor blower motor for continuity of winding and shorts. Or, two, there is not enough refrigerant in the Robinair units tank.

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Straighten fins with fin comb. Check for restricted airflow. The outdoor air feeler bulb temperature is used as a reference. Some panels are lined with a flexible duct liner. Close manifold valves and check compound gage.

Verify the oil catch bottle is empty, then slowly open the oil drain valve, and drain the oil into the oil catch bottle. Similarly, the energized indoor fan relay transfers single-phase primary power to the indoor blower motor.

The filter dryer must be replaced each time the refrigeration system is opened to the environment. Indoor air filter or outdoor coil blocked causing poor air circulation. This column contains the number of units per assembly, subassembly, or attaching parts as applicable. There are five Roto Lock fittings used, four of which are of a single size and the fifth is a smaller size.


Check for presence of oil visually by observing mist for open end of red hose. Ensure manifold valves are closed. Robinair Unit Control Panel. Disconnect vacuum pump from center hose connection. When control is not calling for heating, the multimeter should read open.


Some tanks have slightly different valve configurations. Reset circuit breaker in power distribution panels. This is the only time oil is added to the reservoir when the pump is not running. This low-pressure, the body book cameron diaz pdf free low temperature refrigerant vapor flows through the reversing valve into the accumulator and the heating cycle is repeated.

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No, it has to be mixed by charging the battery. When control calls for cooling, the multimeter should read continuity. Charge refrigeration assembly with dry nitrogen using walkaround bottle or nitrogen cylinder as follows.

If using soap solution do as follows. Outdoor fan motor inoperative. The indoor thermostat controls incorporate a sensor that activates solidstate circuits.


Users of hazardous materials shall refer to the complete warnings. Lead oxide material that has broken loose from the sediment wall or by the chemical reaction as a result of the battery being charged.

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