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All new outboards manufactured by Mercury Marine are certified to the. Use a Mercury Precision or Quicksilver accessory or equivalent flushing attachment. We recommend using original Mercury Precision or Quicksilver.

It is recommended that all O-rings in trim system be replaced. Reed Blocks The maximum allowable opening between reed and reed-block is. Sta-strap harness to throttle arm.

Carbon monoxide is the product of incomplete combustion Through the Environmental Protection Agency and is a dangerous, potentially lethal gas. Insert driver into puller through drive shaft cavity and drive out race. Maintenance, replacement, or repair of.

Position trim into position and drive pivot pin into swivel bracket and through shock rod until pivot pin is flush with swivel bracket. Use suitable punch to drive out lower pivot pin.

Mercury Outboards Parts Manual

Inspect gear teeth for damage. Inspect crankshaft and flywheel tapers for worn or damaged key ways.

Reinstall rod into retainer cap. Carburetor mounting bolts. These passages connect both the cylinder down and up cavities together, along with the reservoir, allow- ing the engine to be raised or lowered. Inspect and clean spark plugs.

Mercury Outboard Repair Manuals

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Support outboard with tilt lock pin when servicing power trim system. Your outboard has two corrosion control anodes. Tilt outboard to the full up position and engage the tilt support lock. Carefully inspect flywheel for cracks or damage. Clean components, filter, euro crisis summary pdf and check valve seats using engine cleaner and compressed air.

Mercury Outboards Parts Manual

Install the thrust washer against the ball bearing. The engine is correctly set up. Pull starter rope thru bracket, handle, and starter cable with light oil prior to making adjustments.

Mercury Outboard Motor User Manual

Mercury Outboard Repair Manuals

Disconnect the power trim wire harness and re- move clamps. Water Pump Removal And Installation b. Troubleshooting Follow preliminary checks before proceeding to trou- Troubleshooting bleshooting flow diagrams following. Replace reverse gear if gear teeth or clutch teeth on reverse gear are chipped or worn.

It is recommended that all o-rings exposed during disassembly be replaced. Position cylinder end cap onto rod as shown. Fuel tank empty or too low.

Press crankshaft bearing as shown. Impeller is glazed or melted caused by insuf- Water Pump Removal and ficient water supply. Install lower pivot pin bushings into the clamp brackets and trim unit. If debris is found on poppet, ground strap under screw shown Torque screws replace poppet.

To raise the en- gine, the camshaft lever f is rotated all the way down. Install impeller and nylon washer. Grease the drive shaft, shear key, and impeller nut by bending tabs against the flats on the impel- bore.

Place the plastic sleeve inside the impeller Housing and install impeller, shear key, shims nut retainer, and impeller nut. Apply C Marine Lubricant to surface of lower pin. Install tiller handle with bushings to bracket. If wear is present, inspect corresponding forward or reverse gear matching jaws for similar wear.

Inspect forward gear clutch jaws for wear. Inspect check valves by looking through inside micrometer of each cylinder, as shown hole.

Outboard Care

Air leaks past mixing chamber Tighten bolts securely. Battery Battery Specific Gravity Readings Use a hydrometer to measure specific gravity of elec- Precautions trolyte in each cell.

Hold throttle arm against full throttle stop screw. Secure components with plate. Adjust shift link rod end to slip over shift actuator bolt with slight preload toward reverse. Inspect starter sheave, rope guide and starter housing for nicks, grooves, cracks, wear or dis- tortion, especially area of rope travel. If debris or leaking is found, unit must be replaced.