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Lapping Machine Process and Application

This is especially true if the honing machine is equipped with automatic size control. Sometimes the workpiece must be rotated. With every stroke, the workpiece is pushed against a sensing tip that has been adjusted to the finish diameter of the bore. One complication in two-piece lapping is the need to ensure that neither piece flexes or is deformed during the process. Though flatness is the most common goal of lapping, the process is also used to obtain other configurations such as a concave or convex surface.

Roughness may be also measured by comparing the surface of the workpiece to a known sample. These vehicles hold the abrasive in suspension before and during use. Aerospace Commercial Electronics.

The light will pass through the glass and reflect off the workpiece. Laser honing is a combination of honing and laser processing.

In this machine, a small slurry pump can be seen at the side, this pump feeds abrasive slurry onto the rotating lapping plate. Throughput, along with overall productivity, is increased. The parts being lapped are held against the surface of the lapping plate by their own weight or by a pressure plate with hand weights or pneumatic down pressure. The double side process is best used in applications that require both sides of a part to be lapped to achieve very tight parallelism, flatness and thickness specifications.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. It can also be performed to achieve a tighter tolerance and better sealing capabilities. Vertical-spindle honing machines are used especially for larger, heavier work. In addition, ground gears attract more inspection than cut gears, and may involve both magnetic particle inspection as well as macroetching with dilute nitic acid.

The workpiece would be placed inside one of these rings. Lapping Production Lapping is equipped with state of the art lapping and free abrasive machining systems, which allows us to take on virtually any flat surfacing application. Lapping processes The principal use of the lapping process is to obtain surfaces that are truly flat and smooth.

The lapping process involves passing a part between one or two large flat-lap plates or platens in a carrier fluid that contains an abrasive. Most lapping is done with a tooling plate or wheel the lap and fine-grained loose abrasive particles suspended in a viscous or liquid vehicle such as soluble oil, mineral oil or grease. With a subsequent light polishing operation that will quickly become a Ra surface finish.

Advantages and limitations Any material, hard or soft, can be lapped, as well as any shape, as long as the surface is flat. We work in the aerospace, medical, automotive, semiconductor, thin film head, fiber optic, mechanical seal, and commercial industries, just to name a few.

Depending on the size and shape of the work piece, lapping can typically achieve flatness readings of. Many of our projects include machining, heat-treating, grinding, plating, painting, lapping and assembly. In general there are two basic types of lapping machines and they both operate on the same basic principles. With this process, wolfenstein manual pdf considerably better results are achieved compared to traditional honing.

What is Gear lapping and Gear Grinding Process

With diamond slurries, the lapping and polishing phases of a finishing operation can often be combined into one step. Duval ensures the accuracy of any surface-finishing process by measuring the flatness and roughness of a surface after finishing. The size and overall volume of chip produced in one pass must be no more than the space between the diamond grits, or the tool will seize in the bore. The grits, mixed in slurry, are flowed onto the plate to replace worn-out grits as the machining process continues.

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The speed at which the plate turns is determined by the job being done. Lapping is a machining process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive between them, by hand movement or using a machine. On top of the lap are two rings. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

In addition, grinding of gears becomes the procedure of choice in the case of fully hardened steels, where it may be difficult to keep the heat-treat distortion of a gear within acceptable limits. Honing uses a large contact area at slow speed compared with grinding or fine boring, which use a small contact area at high speed.

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Cutting Tool Applications Chapter 18 Lapping and Honing

Cutting Tool Applications Chapter Lapping and Honing

Lapping Machine Process and Application

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Double side lapping machines are capable of lapping both sides of a part simultaneously. One- to hp motors run these tables. Reliable Results The engineers at Duval Precision Grinding understand that the precision components they produce will be used in some of the most advanced equipment in the world.

Lapping Machine Process and Application. Due to the minimal amount of machine down pressure, required parts are processed with no heat and virtually no stresses introduced into parts. The length of the stroke is also machine controlled by stops set up by the operator. Turbocharger Bearing Housing These Cast Iron housings are modified to customer specifications, holding a.

This rotation performs two jobs. This is way of example, a piece of lead may be used as the lap, charged with emery, and used to cut a piece of hardened steel. Surfaces this flat can be molecularly bonded optically contacted by bringing them together under the right conditions.

The single-stroke tool is an expandable diamond-plated sleeve on a tapered arbor. Honing Honing is a finishing process used to improve the geometry of a part, readjust the alignment of features such as holes or bores, and produce a finer surface finish. Honing processes As stated, honing is a low-velocity abrading process. The return stroke does nothing to the bore except get the workpiece off the tool.

Honing, because it uses rectangular grinding stones instead of circular grinding wheels, can correct these irregularities. Precisely defined surface structures can be obtained with laser technology. Successfully reported this slideshow.

The stones come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Honing is though of as a slow process. An optical flat is used with a single wavelength light source to measure flatness. Although the three processes are similar, each has a unique methodology, execution, and result. It was built for in-house use and until then hand lapping process was used for finishing surface plates.

This yields closeness-of-fit results comparable to that of two accurately-flat pieces, without quite the same degree of testing required for the latter. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Another method that is commonly used with lapped parts is the reflection and interference of monochromatic light. This article is about the machining operation. The engineers at Duval Precision Grinding understand that the precision components they produce will be used in some of the most advanced equipment in the world.