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By selectively providing background information from a variety of primary and secondary sources, Keener admirably bridges the cultural gaps experienced by modern readers of the Bible. At every turn of the page, whose who treasure the Bible will find something new and valuable.

Bible Background

New Testament will prove most helpful in this regard. It is therefore not only helpful but also necessary for us to know of their cultures the better to understand the inspired word. Otherwise unavailable information brings various texts alive. You need to have it in your theological library. This volume should be a useful addition to public, academic, and seminary libraries.

In addition, he displays a wide knowledge of New Testament scholarship Pauline studies, gospels studies, etc. Remember me Forgot password? But their humanness had cultural connotations.

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As the soul is examined, the dead person's heart is weighed in a scale against a feather symbolizing Truth. You'll discover the close, sometimes startling interplay between God's kingdom and the practical affairs of the church. The discerning reader will detect how well Keener has drawn on the results of much recent research and presented it in a way that pastors and laypeople will be able to grasp. First, some complained that he depended solely on rabbinic sources for his treatment of ancient memory.

Archaeologists, historians and social scientists have greatly advanced our knowledge of the ancient world of the Bible. To understand and apply the Bible well, you need two crucial sources of information. Archaeologists, historians, and social scientists have greatly advanced our knowledge of the ancient world of the Bible. This work brings background to the foreground, language instinct pdf so the text's meaning is more accessible to all.

This wide-ranging and meticulously researched two-volume study presents the most thorough current defense of the credibility of the miracle reports in the Gospels and Acts. To download this file, click here. Yet current research shows that human experience is far from uniform.

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In this volume, the last of four, Keener finishes his detailed exegesis of Acts, utilizing an unparalleled range of ancient sources and offering a wealth of fresh insights. Keener's scholarly credentials are strong and his book is a God-send to busy pastors.

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He is also editor of with John L. The impressive volume contains a verse-by-verse look at cultural, religious, and social issues that come into play in the New Testament context. It uses a variety of ancient sources to show how Paul's argument would have made sense to first-century readers, drawing from ancient letter-writing, speaking, and social conventions.

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Best of all, you'll gain a deepened awareness of the Bible's relevance for your life. Carefully researched and judiciously written from an orthodox Christian perspective to provide dependable information without overt theological bias. New Testament in providing historical, social and cultural background for each passage of the Old Testament.

Bible Background

New Testament will be delighted to have a companion volume on a period both more remote in time and exotic in cultural background. Although background material is often notoriously slippery and debatable, Keener makes it useful for students of the Scripture. Ultimately, the following approaches for finding cost-free ebooks are all legal. The text is clearly written and fairly free of technical jargon.

Things that seem mystifying, puzzling, or obscure will take on tremendous meaning when you view them in their ancient context. The authors present the materials in a clear, concise, straightforward manner. If the answers are correct and the heart does not outweigh the feather, the soul may enter the realm of everlasting life.

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It provides at least some cultural background for nearly every verse in the New Testament. In this volume, the first of four, Keener introduces the book of Acts, particularly historical questions related to it, and provides detailed exegesis of its opening chapters. The narratives, genealogies, laws, poetry, proverbs and prophecies of the Old Testament are deeply rooted in history.

Few pages do not contain some helpful cultural insight into a New Testament passage. The other is an understanding of the cultural background of the passage you're reading.

Spring Cyber Sale Fab Friday. This study models how Bible background can be used in understanding the Bible better.

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