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Using other products or mixtures may damage the engine beyond repair and cause the forfeiture of the warranty cov- er for caused damages as a consequence. Using oth- er products or mixtures may damage the engine beyond repair and cause the forfeiture of the warranty cover for caused damages as a consequence. Make sure it is properly locked in place. Side bags where provided protect car occupants from side crashes of medium- high severity, by placing the cushion be- fig.

Ignition Switch If the ignition device is tampered with e. Symbols To memorise new keys, up fig. Contact a Fiat Dealership. Don't be shy, come join us!

Fiat Punto Owner s Handbook Manual


Incomplete Door Locking The S. Lower vents for rear seats. The last link doesn't work. Do not throw The cylinder contains ethyl- away the cylinder and the ene glycol. Tailgate opening is facilitated by side gas shock springs.

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You are advised to note the identification L Body version code. Check visually any vated warning light F. On certain versions the dedicated message is displayed. Example of standard Trip B screen Clock Adjust.

Page Car maintenance should be entrusted to Fiat Dealership. Snow Tyres It is therefore necessary to limit their provided with the car.

Lineaccessori Fiat snow chains. Page Stop the car and contact Fiat Dealership to have the system checked immediately. In this event contact Fiat Dealership to have the system checked.

Fiat Workshop & Owners Manuals

Range to empty, Distance travelled, Average consumption, Instant consumption, Average speed, Trip time driving time. The validity of the device is written on the plate located in the glove compartment.

Warning light operation can be checked by means of special equipment. Refer to the table on the following pages to identify the fuses. Air Filter Brake fluid is poisonous and Air cleaner replacement shall be carried Pollen filter replacement shall be carried highly corrosive.

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Inside the glovebox there is a space A-fig. Page If after buying the car, you want to install electric accessories which require permanent electric supply To avoid draining your battery and lengthen its life, alarm, free-hands set, etc.

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Return to previously displayed screen, e. Pretensioners To increase the efficiency of the front seat belts, the and pelvis. For very cold climate conditions, ask Fiat Dealership for the appropriate Selenia product to use.

Fiat Punto Owner's Handbook Manual pages. Fiat Punto is fitted with pretensioners. We have written this handbook to help you get to know all your new Fiat Punto features and use it in the best possible way.

Contact Fiat Dealership as soon as possible to have the fault eliminated. Have to admit, one of the first things you have to do, if you want to start getting to know your car. Fuse box on the dashboard Loosen the two screws A and open the cover B to reach the fuses in the dashboard fuse box.

The sensor has a range of adjustment that gradually varies between wiper stationary no wiping when the windscreen is dry, to wiper at first continuous speed continuous slow with heavy rain. This function is resettable. Before and during its operation en- sure that any passengers are not at risk from the moving glass either by personal objects getting caught in the mechanism or by being injured by it directly. Moving the stalk to A unstable position operation is limited to the time the stalk is held in this position.

If, when restarting, the warning light comes on again, lenguaje musical pdf contact a Fiat Dealership. Members List Mark Forums Read. General Failure Indication The warning light on the dial comes on on certain versions together with the message on the display when dieel fuel filter sensor failure is detected. Woofer on front right-hand door F. The warning light comes on when the in- Should one or more wheels without sen- ertial fuel cut-off switch is triggered.

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Here's some links to a Punto workshop manual. Page Misting will disappear as soon as the headlights are turned on. Check beam aiming every time the load carried changes. Position seat belt buckles upwards and set the cushion in the normal position of use.