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Here I wish to reaffirm with no weaker energy, the formula I expounded at the scala in Milan everything in the state, nothing against the State, nothing outside the state. Dead and done for are feudal privileges and the division of society into closed, uncommunicating castes. The Roman Republic was killed by a sister republic, that of France.

Fascist Manifesto

Rather is it the State which creates the nation, conferring volition and therefore real life on a people made aware of their moral unity. Freedom is not a right, it is a duty. In rejecting democracy, Fascism rejects the absurd conventional lie of political equalitarianism, the habit of collective irresponsibility, the myth of felicity and indefinite progress. Indeed, gentlemen, you admit the people into the citadel of the State and the people will defend it, if you close them out, the people will assault it.

Manifesto of the Anti-Fascist Intellectuals

Neither is it exclusively political, divorced from practical realities and holding itself aloof from the multifarious activities of the citizens and the nation. The Fascist State organizes the nation, but it leaves the individual adequate elbow room.

There is a field reserved more to meditation upon the supreme ends of life than to a research of these ends. My experience was that both of a follower and a leader but it was not doctrinal experience. The concept of freedom changes with the passing of time. It invests the whole field of reality as well as the human activities which master it.

Manifesto of the Anti-Fascist Intellectuals

Indeed, it was during those years that Fascist thought armed, refined itself, and proceeded ahead with its organization. Axis powers Montreux Fascist conference. Organizations Axis powers Montreux Fascist conference. In that same year Marx, in his famous Communist Manifesto, launched the gospel of socialism. Of the Manifesto's proposals, skoda citigo pdf the commitment to corporative organisation of economic interests was to be the longest lasting.

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The liberal century, after piling up innumerable Gordian Knots, tried to cut them with the sword of the world war. There are no points of reference nor of comparison. This implies organization and expansion, potential if not actual. In fact, he has greater liberty than an isolated man, because the state protects him and he is part of the State. In the Fascist regime the unity of classes, the political, social and coral unity of the Italian people is realized within the state, and only within the Fascist state.

The forms in which it finds expression change, but the need for it remains. It has curtailed useless or harmful liberties while preserving those which are essential. Here I wish to reaffirm solemnly our doctrine of the State. All other tests are substitutes which never place a man face to face with himself before the alternative of life or death.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That is to say, it rejects the idea of a doctrine suited to all times and to all people. We wish to unity the nation within the sovereign State, which is above everyone rid can afford to be against everyone, since it represents the moral continuity of the nation in history. If was a year of light and poetry, was a year of darkness and tragedy.

Consequently science starts from experience, but breaks out fatally into philosophy and, in my opinion, philosophy alone can enlighten science and lead to the universal idea. No doctrine can boast absolute originality.

Manifesto of the Anti-Fascist Intellectuals

Individuals and groups are admissible in so far as they come within the State. This hard metallic name compromised the whole program of Fascism as I dreamed it.

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Fascist Manifesto - Conservapedia

Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Articles containing Italian-language text. There are States which owned immense territories and yet left no trace in the history of mankind. Never has any religion claimed so cruel a sacrifice.

Neither is it a question of number, because there have been, in history, small, microscopic States, which left immortal, imperishable documents in art and philosophy. Power is the outcome of this threefold principle. The only doctrine of which I had practical experience was that of socialism, from until the winter of - nearly a decade. No doctrine was ever born quite new and bright and unheard of.

If liberalism spells individualism, Fascism spells government. The importance of the State is rapidly growing.

If each age has its doctrine, then innumerable symptoms indicate that the doctrine of our age is the Fascist. The years preceding the march on Rome cover a period during which the need of action forbade delay and careful doctrinal elaborations.

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Fascist Manifesto

The spirit is universal by reason of its nature. The publication of this material is in no way whatsoever an endorsement of these viewpoints by the World Future Fund, unless explicitly stated by us. Our battle is an ungrateful one, yet it is a beautiful battle since it compels us to count only upon our own forces. There is a freedom in times of peace which is not the freedom of times of war. Peace will only come when people surrender to a Christian dream of universal brotherhood, when they can hold out hands across the ocean and over the mountains.

Instead of directing the game and guiding the material and moral progress of the community, the liberal State restricts its activities to recording results. For us the Nation is mainly spirit and not only territory. In so far as it is embodied in a State, this higher personality becomes a nation. The Fascist State is wide awake and has a will of its own. Fascism denies the materialistic conception of happiness as a possibility, and abandons it to the economists of the mid-eighteenth century.

Soldiers who fight fully conscious of the cause make the best of warriors. It may be objected that this program implies a return to the guilds corporazioni.

An imperial nation, that is to say a nation a which directly or indirectly is a leader of others, can exist without the need of conquering a single square mile of territory. It is always connected, it only historically, with those which preceded it and those which will follow it.