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The C chambers are very important because they are directly connected to the primary vent by means of which the gas is sent out of the compressor in an controlled atmosphere or directly to the flair. As a consequence we will have a higher load in the thrust bearing and so a higher temperature.

In fact we do not have pumps, tank, over-tank and degassing tank of oil and all the instrumentation that we find in the oil system. The primary vent is essential for the operators. This is due to gas expansion during the seal crossing. The tertiary seal can either be a labyrinth made of aluminium alloy or carbon rings. The valve allows the line depressurization in case of sudden seal break down.

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The information found in this Handbook will help to make informed decisions regarding the application, operation, and maintenance of dry gas seals. On the rotating ring surface instead we find some grooves having a particular shape. The previous considerations highlight the influence of pressure and temperature on the seal operating conditions, underlining the big importance of the materials. These pieces will not allow the axial relative movement and this will cause the seal to remain open. You can compare this values to the average diameter of a human hair to understand the operating condition of this system.

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The filtering battery consist of two different filters, one in operation and the other one in stand by. The stationary ring during operation can be subject to a rotation in vertical plane due to the action of pressure and temperature. The gas reaches the atmosphere through the bearing vent.

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Popular in Centrifugal Compressor. In the E chamber there will only be nitrogen. To check the filters state, the operator must read and record the differential pressure transmitter value. The presence of these clearances between closer regions at different pressure determines a gas leakage, that we define Internal Leakage.

The dry gas seal is a system made by a cartridge which is fit at both sides of a centrifugal compressor. The three way valves red square are the ones able to do this job.

Dry gas seals operate with clearances measured in microns, much less than the thickness of a human hair. Dry gas seals are in used in compressor stations, processing plants, refineries, chemical plants, americunt dragon 2 pdf and more. The Evolution of Dry Gas Seals.

When the thrust bearing active side temperature increases it can be due to a balancing drum labyrinth seal failure. The gas seal works with the same compressor process gas, so we do not utilize oil that can contaminate the gas. Dry Gas Seal Support Systems. The sationary ring has a flat and smooth inner surface which is located just opposite to the rotating one.

When it occurs from the inside to the outside of the machine. For proper dry gas seal operation it is necessary to have an auxiliary plant that feeds the gas seal with the seal gas.

If the machine depressurization speed is too high the gas will go out from the holes to quickly and will break the O-Ring profile. Also the tungsten ring can be damaged but it is very rare because the carbon ring is softer than the tungsten one. Under certain specific circumstances where the gas could be dangerous or when we are working with high pressure process gas we have to use dry gas seal whit a nitrogen buffer gas injection.

Normally Labyrinth Seals are used for internal leakages and Gas Seals for external leakages. Dry Gas Seal Configurations. The same procedure must be followed for the nitrogen battery filters. In one case we will have rust in the rotating disc and this will produce a change in the grooves profile.

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Cookies are used by this site. Despite the fact that the use of dry gas seals in process gas centrifugal compressors has increased. This may increase the risk of friction particularly during transient conditions. The sealing is done by creating a gas film instead of an oil film, in order to reduce the losses of power due to friction. The leakage increases by increasing the speed and reducing the temperature.

In parallel we find an orifice, whose purpose is to guarantee a constant seal gas flow for the dry gas seal under any working condition. In this section we will go through the most frequent and typical problems that could occur to the dry gas seal and we will examine all possible solutions.

Engineering Data Module Beta. This mixture directly goes in the primary vent. The bi-directional grooves are used only if there is a real risk of inverse rotation of the compressor, during transient operations.

If the oil reaches the seal it will seriously damage it. Click here to Collapse all. In this picture the compressor is not pressurized yet and so the O-Rings are not under pressure effect. In order to allow the operators to adjust the vent pressure and monitor the system. View Section, Bibliography.

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Moreover the ice could also scratch the carbon ring surface producing serious seal failure. In the other case we will observe ice formation caused by the temperature reduction. In the C chamber we will have a mixture of nitrogen gas and seal gas. In this way the A chambers are completely filled in with the seal gas which has a higher pressure than the gas inside K chambers. This Reference is not available in your current subscription.

When it occurs inside the machine and External Leakage. Therefore it is necessary to realize some systems that reduce as much as possible these leakages. Later on we will see in detail this system. This loss occurs because of the clearances existing between the shaft, rotating part, and the casing, stationary part. The vent line is instrumented with valves and gages.