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The Dance of Wounded Souls Ebook Download

Wounded Souls, Dancing in The Light. The fact that dysfunction exists in our romantic, family, and human relationships is a symptom of the dysfunction that exists in our relationship with life - with being human. It is all caused by warring on ourselves. International Global Priority. You have an amazing perspective on romantic relationships and healing.

It is a formula for integrating intellectual knowledge and spiritual Truth into one's emotional relationship with life. It's one thing to read the articles on the clinically electric computer screen and completely another level of involvement hearing the man himself utter his own words of wisdom and spiritual alchemy.

This is an unabridged recording of a joyously inspirational book. The advice has been life changing - thank you.

To find out the locations and dates for upcoming appearances go to Day of Intensive Training. It just clicks, flawlessly. Purchase all three of Robert's Books. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall.

You can learn to be more loving to your self and open to the possibility of having a loving interdependent relationship with another person. So many people are going to receive healing from it.

The Journey Through Grief. It is a symptom of the dysfunction which exists in our relationships with ourselves as human beings. Item s unavailable for purchase.


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His key of self responsibility is perfect and others should use that as it is the only functional way to go through these personal problem. His unique approach and application of the concept of internal boundaries, coupled with a Loving spiritual belief system, make the work innovative and powerfully life changing. Whether or not I will be able to make the cassette tapes available again at some point in the future is unknown at this time. She told me again how important those tapes were to him, and how he had listened to them over and over again in the last months of his life.


That does not mean just romantic relationships, or family relationships, or even human relationships in general. There is a Dutch Translation that is a free download.

The Dance of Wounded Souls Ebook Download

In your brilliantly written book you explain the missing pieces of the puzzle in a way that is amazingly simple and understandable. It is the best and my hat is off to you for this enlightening work. The Eleven Eternal Principles. In some parts it seemed like it was entering into sermon territory which I strongly dislike given my negative experiences with organised religion. Sold and delivered by Audible, an Amazon company.

How to Attract Wealth and Abundance. The Dance of Wounded Souls would be able to reference the material in a consistent manner, regardless of which format they had. Dance, is one of the truly transformational works of our time. The Dance of Wounded Souls Ebook! Everyone has an addiction, password lock pdf everyone is wounded and we live in a codependent culture.

Humans have been at war within and without for thousands of years. Because that is the only way it can be done. It has helped me grow in leaps and bounds.


Up until tonight I have been disappointed in the literature and treatment of codependency. Here I experienced Universal Consciousness God from the dimension of Unity, bathed in bliss-love-awareness rohert an eternity, as I watched the universe born and evolve its mission. And I will have to listen again.


You have identified so many things that I have thought about for a very long time. To purchase my books from a mobile friendly site go to robertburneylive. This is a separate transaction that needs to be submitted right after the purchase of book so it can be mailed with the order. Would you like us to take another look at this review?

The Quiet Life life is easier if you know where to go to download pdf files. It is the key to learning how to be more Loving to your self - and to turning life into an adventure to be experienced instead of an ordeal of suffering to be endured. To remember our own power by not giving it away. An Italian eBook version is available through Amazon. She had bought the tapes for him because he had a terminal illness.

In this regard its helpful seeing people as a combination of perfect spiritual beings which we all are and their emotionally driven behaviors. In sharing your personal experiences it opens a wealth of self knowledge to me when reading. Thank you for your beautiful message and for this great book. You have incorporated many concepts of Truth into one beautiful, soul touching, and integrated piece of genius. We were set up to fail in romantic relationships by the dysfunctional perspectives and expectations of love and romance we learned growing up.