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Upon selection, the name of the item will appear on the top line of the display. Another solution is to change the guard tone. Do not use tone group A if using this format. Taped, appear to be Philips.

Turning the switch further counter-clockwise increases the volume. This can be done at the factory upon request recommended. All three attributes must be modified or accepted for the changes to take effect. No cross mute is available in intercom mode since there is no Guard Tone present.

We have complete printed data sheet copies for these. The Lock and Unlock menu options do not appear unless enabled in security setup. Fast Scrolling allows for faster navigation through the menu system.

If this is done, it should be at least Hz away from the nearest frequency used by the format. The defaults for each tone are shown in the table below. It also requires that the guard tone and notch filters on the tone remote adapter be changed as well. Allows you to delete a user record from the database.

If this message continues to be displayed, or is displayed frequently, contact Midian technical support. All configuration settings will be set back to defaults. Prior to transmitting or dialing, the user should Monitor the channel to see if there is activity on the channel. Sets the password used to unlock the menu system when the security is enabled.

Microprocessor U controls the printer option U and decodes the high and low level guard tone, as well as the function tones. This section explains how to enter a code in these formats. Two tone-pairs are sent, meaning that four tones in total must be selected. It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Allows you to change information about a user.

Powering off for one to two seconds will reset the polyswitch. Specifies the amount of time after guard tone is detected that the internal speaker will be muted. Please note that this issue often applies to decoding as well. Hang time does not apply when unless making a encoding. The bottom line will present additional items for selection.

Enable alphanumeric mode only after entering names and numbers in the user database. For privately owned systems this option can be disabled. Factory default settings are shown underlined.

Determines if numeric entry or alphanumeric data entry is the default mode when placing a call. Flatpack Transistor, may also be D with no siffix, see package markings. There may be no entry in the database that matches in whole or in part.

Enabling Cross Mute prevents this from happening by muting the internal speaker whenever guard tone is detected. The code for spying on a unit must be in the user database to use this function. Activating transistor Q mutes the speaker amplifier.

Be sure to set jumpers accordingly. This changes the guard tone frequency. These are all electret type mics.

2SB546A Datasheet

We have small quantities of most parts. These have been adjusted and configured at the factory for a typical installation. The top line of the display indicates this.

There is a disable transistor Q that can mute the incoming audio under microprocessor control. Time is represented in hour format and all four digits must be entered. For each speed dial entry, simply locate the user in the database in the same manner as if placing a call to a unit. Go to speed dial setup and associate a user in the database to the speed dial number. Allows the display contrast to be adjusted for best viewing.

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This tone indicates that the current digit is the same number as the last digit. Entering Alphanumeric Data Before you can add names to the database, you must learn the scheme for entering alphabetic characters using the numeric keypad. Choose a format that will not be affected. Stereo Audio Power Amplifier. Low-level guard tone will continue to be sent for this much time after encoding is completed.

2SC1338 Datasheet (PDF)

Type Power Bipolar Transistor. Any corrupted records will be blanked-out and must be re-entered. Jumper descriptions appear in the jumper settings section with a quick reference table. An attempt was made to edit or delete a user when the database was empty. This allows you to type the name of a user in the database without having to scroll through the names.

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This possibility should be investigated if decode problems are experienced. Let us fix the problem for you. Power Resistors Connectors. This can happen if power is lost at the exact time the database is being updated.

Try this free datasheet archive! Toshiba, Plastic Power N-Chan. Alternatively, the guard tone could be changed to another frequency. As numbers are entered, john gribbin historia de la ciencia pdf they appear on the bottom-left of the display. There is also an ear mute transistor Q that allows the microprocessor to mute the earphone.

The user may have been deleted, or no association was ever made. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Also, the configuration jumpers should be inspected prior to installation to verify that they are in the right configuration. The selection of a function does not cancel any frequency selection. This will reset all the parameters listed above to the factory default settings.

The alignments are preset at the factory and should not need to be adjusted during installation. All of our parts are new and unused. Please provide a valid price range. If is entered, the feature is disabled. Keypad beeps are also input on this same pot to be heard out the speaker.

On the second line the selected frequency is displayed along with the programmed alias for that channel. Connect to the ground of the radio. Specify the code required to spy on this unit.