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Secondary page Frequency Enter the desired radio frequency. Top them up if necessary, unless otherwise indicated. Press on Telephone to display the primary page then go to the secondary page. Dipping the headlamps Dipped or main beam headlamps.

Radio list Confirm Save the settings. Page In all cases, the airbag warning lamp and reeled in correctly. Before moving off, if the passenger compartment is too warm, ventilate it During acceleration change up early.

Peugeot Connect Sos Pressing this button again immediately cancels the request. Secondary page Languages Configuration Secondary page Select the calculator. Checks Checks Unless otherwise indicated, apostila de corte e costura pdf check these components in accordance with the warranty and maintenance record and according to your engine.

PEUGEOT 207 Specification - features specs and pics


Press on Media to display the primary page then go to the secondary page. Air distribution adjustment. Automatic illumination of headlamps. Confirmation of a selection.

It is recommended parked on a flat and level surface. Ecological The map displays the route chosen according to these criteria. This position permits release of the windscreen To maintain the effectiveness of the Do not cover the rain sensor, linked with wiper blades. Page While driving, the message is displayed every emissions return to normal.

Add waypoint Add a waypoint to the route. Speed Limiter Driving Speed limiter System which prevents the vehicle from Steering mounted controls Displays in the instrument panel exceeding the speed programmed by the driver. You can follow this instruction without engaging the intermediate gears. The engine management system has Risk of destruction of the catalytic converter.

Parking Sensors Driving Parking sensors Rear parking sensors The system is switched on by engaging reverse gear. Press on Media to display the primary page.

First adjust the volume of your portable device to a high level. Secondary page Factory settings Return to factory settings. Using the remote control F Press the closed padlock to lock the vehicle completely.

Play starts automatically. When the ignition is switched on Associated warnings Certain warning lamps may come on in one of two modes.

PEUGEOT 2008 Handbook

This phenomenon is normal in the propagation of radio waves and is in no way indicative of a fault with the audio system. Rear foglamp only Front foglamps and rear foglamp F To switch it on, turn the ring forwards. With an electronic gearbox, put the gear lever at N.


Please note this specific warning. Manual Mode Driving Manual gear Manual mode changing F When the vehicle has moved off, select At very low speed, if reverse gear position M to change to manual mode. Modifying one without the other is not possible.

Page F Disconnect the bulb connector. Grip Control Safety Grip control Special patented traction control system which improves traction on snow, mud and sand. Maximum fixed with the needle The temperature of the cooling Stop as soon as it is safe to do so.

Electric Windows Access Electric windows Manual operation Safety anti-pinch depending on version To open or close the window, press or pull the switch gently. Select a preset radio station in the list. The driver must remain at the wheel of the towed vehicle and must have a valid driving licence. Instrument Panels Monitoring Indicator and warning lamps Visual indicators informing the driver that a system is switched on indicator or deactivation lamp or has a fault warning lamp.

Turn off screen Turns the screen off. Page Driving Exit from a parallel parking space F When you want to exit from a parallel parking space, start the engine.

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