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At knots, drop flaps full. Next add fuel to the center tank until full. Our flight time today will be approximately time en route to destination. When you are in managed mode, a white dot will appear next to the numerical readout of the speed, heading, and altitude. It is not a mode of navigation, but an aid in navigation.

We will assume that fuel loading and planning is complete and we can begin the cockpit preparation for departure. Once at the runway, obtain takeoff clearance and taxi onto the runway.

However, this chart should give you an idea of where your speeds should be. Air France Virtual Airlines is a non-profit entity engaged in providing an avenue for flight simulation enthusiasts. The speed controller operates the same as the heading controller. You will need to take turns extremely wide and extremely slow. Continuing across from left to right is the Flight Control Unit a.

This value will vary every flight, but I will be using an assumed value for demonstration purposes. This page was installed to give the pilots the ability to continue on a routing even if the auto-pilot drops out midflight due to a wiring issue.

Also different is the Airbus use of flap measure. Transitioning to Airbus If you are a pilot transitioning from the Boeing or McDonald Douglass fleet, learning the Airbus can be challenging. Airbus Instrument Instruction As we begin our tutorial flight, iec 60909 pdf let's begin by examining the instruments and panels you will be using the most. February Commercial Aircraft First A technical manual released.

Immediately prior to start, activate the beacon on the overhead panel. You can fly the A in any mix of modes as well.

Airbus A Manual

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All cited sections remain the property of their authors. Radio panel turn on - Defaulted to off, the radios will not display until the red off switch is switched to a green on switch.

Once clearance is obtained, you will want to test your flight controls before releasing the parking brake and begin taxi. This completes the A familiarization. When flying normally, you may experience a fuel burn slightly less than those on the charts. Aircraft exterior lighting - Controls the exterior lighting on the A beacon, landing lights, navigation lights, strobes, taxi lights, wing lights, runway turnoff lights.

H225 Flight Crew Operating Manual

Weve reached our cruising altitude of altitude. Once engine one has finished its start sequence, engine two, three, and four will begin their automated start sequence.

If icing conditions exist, switch on the Anti-Ice. Remember to maintain a stable approach and disengage the autopilot and auto throttle as conditions dictate. Load the left, left aux, right and right aux evenly. Engage autopilot missed approach course.

These screens give access to performance data, company manuals, and flight charts. This is the first time a technical manual of this nature has been made available so early, some three years before the first flight of the aircraft. While climbing, maintain a vertical speed to match your speed set. Tutorial - How to fly the A In this short tutorial, we will introduce you to the methodology or madness as some may say! Engine ignition system - Each engine has a separate igniter and the igniters are controlled by the pilot here.

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The avionics domain, the flight operations domain, and the communications and cabin domain. Seating from to more than passengers, the A is the answer to alleviate traffic congestion at busy airports, while coping with growth and minimizing environmental impact.

The artificial horizon gives your pitch and roll in degrees. Next is the speed controller. Once safely airborne, engage the autopilot and auto throttle, as well as depressing the speed, heading, and altitude buttons. Fuel loading Air France Virtual Airlines has a single variant - the A - in the fleet installer. While it may not look it, the A likes to stay at high speeds because of its weight distribution, so remember to watch your speed!

For operation, see the Navigation Display section. Missed Approach Execute Missed Approach if at minimums with no visual reference, or if uncomfortable with the landing. Anymore, and you risk stalling.

However, these can change to less if your clearance calls for it. Glare Shield Panel Moving up to the top of the panel, we come across the glare shield. Congratulations, you have just completed your first flight on the world's largest airliner, the A!

Manage your speed by selecting vertical speeds and, if needed, speed brakes. Once cleared for takeoff, perform the following tasks.

If flying the A through some Eastern European countries airspace, one will need to use meters rather than feet. However, most airlines see these features as worthless and will not utilize the full potential of the system.

Aside from the multitude of computerized systems on the A, there are two specific areas that need to be addressed. Once at a part of the push back far enough away from the terminal, click the auto-start button below the fuel cutoff switches.

The aircraft should execute the climb the new altitude. Emergency Descent Emergency descent from high altitude must be completed within the aircrafts safe operating parameters. The green number above the altitude tape is your current altitude in a digital, more specific sequence. However, this feature is not modeled. Please use this chart as a reference as to where your values should be.

Airbus A380-800 Operating Manual