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The world may be related to shun, which also has the sense of turning away. The precepts spoke by God to Israel on Mt.

Grand larceny involves theft in excess of a fixed sum, whereas petty larceny refers to a less consequential theft. Feeling disconsolate over his loss, Fred briefly considered retiring from baseball. His alibi, lacking in substance, was as light as gossamer. In the space provided, indicate whether each statement is true or false. If the direction read andante, the music should be played slowly.

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In some underdeveloped countries, a thief is punished by having his hand cut off. In the monasteries, the monks who copied the works of the ancient authors often adorned their manuscripts with beautiful decorations. Wanderlust describes the sensuality of the homeless criminal. Becoming omniscient is unattainable even for the greatest among us. It is named after Calliope, the Greek Muse of epic poetry.

The amplitude of the harvest gratified the farmers. Nicolo Machiavelli in The Prince expounded the doctrine of political expediency.

It is an emblem of immortality. One famous shrine was the oracle of Apollo and Delphi. An adjudicated settlement is one made out of court.

In each of the following, read the statement, then circle the word that comes to mind. It is easy to see the relationship of this word to emperor.

Draco was an Athenian lawgiver whose code or laws, established in B. If either of these prophecies had been heeded, Troy would have been saved. Being of a mercurial temperament, Tom could not restrain his delight. Samuel Maverick was a Texas rancher who refused to brand his cattle as others were doing.

He is often represented as frightening the nymphs in the forest. Used as an abbreviation, anon. The tribune was the Roman official chosen by the plebeians commoners to protect their rights against the patricians wealthy class. Bathos is also used to denote an insincere pathos, an evocation of pity or compassion.

For having stolen fire from Olympus and given to mankind in defiance of Zeus, Prometheus was chained to a rock where an eagle daily tore at his liver, until he was finally released by Hercules. You get together with your brother for a serious conversation. The hydra had to b en slain by Hercules as one of his Twelve Labors.

Our complete agreement pointed up the remaining dichotomy between us. To show a modern man driving up in a new car is an anachronism. This Greek word has played an important role in theater, as well as in paychiatry. The gossip columnist frequently hobnobs with movie stars. The opposite is a biblioclast.

Julie Caesar used the word lapis when he meant stone. Religious Leadership and the Pakistan Movement in the Punjab. Coping with his status as a parvenu was more difficult for Scoot than the poverty he endured before striking it rich. In each of the following, read the statement then circle the word that comes to mind. Publication of a sub rosa agreement can prove embarrassing.

In ordinary usage, deposition refers to the act of depriving of authority, or the placing or laying down, as of a sediment or precipitation. Iris was a messenger of the gods and regarded as the goddess of the rainbow.

Both stygian and plutonian have some association with gloom. The cartoon character Porky the Pig derives his name from the Latin porcus, pig.

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You seek out a dermatologist to analyze your handwriting. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, is located in northern Greece Macedonia. General semantics is an educational discipline concerning the relationships between symbols and reality and with improving the adjustment of people to each other and to the environment.

The warden resorted to draconian measures to get the truth out of the felon. Anarchy is a form of government that is built upon bureaucracy.

In each of the following, read the statement, the circle the word that comes to the end. The first meaning is related etymologically to the word regal, as it was customary for a king to treat his courtiers to sumptuous feasts. Both lions and tigers can be described as leonine. The word is also used as an adverb. This sentence illustrates, demonstrates, and exemplifies a pleonasm.

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Synonyms and Antonyms Indicate whether the following pairs of words are the same, opposite, or unrelated in meaning by writing S, O, or U in the space provided. Like other words in this list, bsnl tta exam study material pdf free repast has nonmaterialistic association as well. Fill in the Blank Insert one of the new words in the proper space in each sentence below. Related Searches Demonology The alienist words you need to know Debonair. You need treatment for tennis elbow.

In the spaces provided, indicate whether each statement is true or false. If you are in the avant-garde, you are inclined to the conservatism. Because of his loquacious nature. Thus rubric came to mean not only the initial ornamental letters but also the directive or rule of conduct that was often part of the heading. The Spanish novelist, Cervantes, brought this word into our language when he wrote Don Quixote.

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The doctrines of the modern Theosophical Societies incorporate elements of Buddhism and Brahmanism. This is the biggest rocket in our arsenal. Which Word Comes to Mind In each of the following, read the statement, then circle the word that comes to mind. Overeaters are often described as porcine.

601 Words You Need to Know

In ancient times a scribe was known as an amanuensis. How do we know what we know? If we do not get satisfaction here, we will take this case to a higher court. We turned to the appellate division to get justice.